The Primary Care Centre, Hawstead Road, Catford, London, SE6 4JH

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Monday 8am - 8pm

Tuesday 8am - 6.30pm

Wednesday 8am - 8.00pm

Thursday & Friday 8am - 6.30pm

Saturday 9am - 11am


Bank Holidays CLOSED



Phones open from 8am and transfer

to SELDOC at 6.30pm.


SELDOC: 020 8693 9066


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Practice Services


Ante/Postnatal Care


This service is provided by the GPs and our visiting midwife. Most women book into the nearby University Hospital Lewisham, but some may choose to go to other near-by hospitals. If you suspect you may be pregnant we advise that you do a home pregnancy test first.


Patients can now self-refer to the midwife without seeing the GP first or if you would prefer to see a GP please contact the practice as normal to book and appointment.


The first scan is offered at 10-12 weeks, so please see the doctor / midwife well before then.




Although we do not provide a clinic specifically for asthmatics our nurses are well equipped to treat patients with asthma or patients who believe they may be asthmatic. Please book a routine appointment with a Practice Nurse.


Child Health


Baby Clinics


GP Baby Clinics and Practice Nurse Immunisation / 8 week check baby clinics are held every Wednesday Afternoon - to be seen in either of these clinics contact the practice to book an appointment.


The Health Visiting Team based at the practice also holds Walk In Community Child Health clinics at the practice on the following days:

Every Tuesday: 11am - 1pm for Weighing and Advice.  

Every Thursday: 1 - 3pm for Weighing and Advice. Currently not available


Immunisation Schedule


What immunisations are due and when can be very confusing so click this link to view a schedule of immunisations that your child will need in order to be fully protected.


If you do not want your child to receive any of their immunisations it is important that you inform the practice either at reception or when you next see the GP or Nurse.


Click here to view an Immunisation Schedule


Child Therapy


The Practice can make referrals to child therapy. Please see your GP in the first instance if you have concerns about your child's behaviour or mental wellbeing.


Child Protection


Rushey Green Group Practice is proud to have the Lewisham named GP of child protection working amongst our staff.


Keeping children safe is everybody’s business - we all have a responsibility both in our private and professional lives. If you think a child is at risk of harm, you must take action. If you think the child may be in immediate danger, you should call 999, otherwise you should contact Lewisham Children’s Social Care on 020 8314 6000.


For more information visit Lewisham Council's Child Safeguarding Pages.


Diabetes Clinics


Practice Nurse, Ann Enright runs a weekly Diabetic Clinic which aims to offer our diabetic patients the practical advice, treatment, support and guidance they need to help control their diabetes.


The clinic helps you to understand diabetes, examine your control of the condition, help you with any problems and help pre-empt any problems you may experience in the future.


Drug and Alcohol Misuse Services

A CDP (Community Drug Project worker) attend the practice once a week to provide advice, support and treatment. All GPs can provide substitute medication and can offer full support. Although this work is led by Dr Febles and Dr Davies.


Minor Surgery


Dr Chen, Dr Febles and Dr Davies provide Minor Surgery services from the practice. This service includes the removal of 'bumps and lumps' (using a local anaesthetic if necessary) as well as joint injections etc. Please book an appointment with your doctor to ensure you qualify for Minor surgery


Fees for Private Services


The NHS does not cover every type of service. For Example, visitors from abroad may not be eligible for treatment, although emergencies are always covered.

The practice provides a number of services outside of the NHS for which there is a charge such as medical examinations or reports required for insurance or driving.

A list of services for which we charge and their prices can be found here.


Sexual Health


Our practice nursing team offers contraceptive advice to all patients - just book a routine appointment. They also offer pill checks, STI screening (predominantly targeting under 25s). Our practice nursing team also carry out routine smear tests.


We recommend that all eligible patients undergo their routine cervical smear screening when invited.




The Practice Nurses run regular spirometry clinics for patients who have or who are at risk of developing COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Smokers aged over 40 are also offered Spirometry and patients due for their annual COPD review are contacted by the practice and booked an appointment during this clinic.


Stop Smoking Clinic


You can now attend stop smoking clinic in Lewisham. (For list of clinics Click here) Any clients wishing to quit can call 08000820388 or via or direct to the nearest pharmacy that offers support.

For more information please visit


Travel Vaccinations


The Practice does not run dedicated travel vaccine clinics. Please book a routine appointment with a Nurse at least 4 weeks before you are due to travelling.

The Practice also offers Yellow Fever Vaccines at a cost of £70 each.


Community Services at Hawstead Road


Please note that the following services are independent. They are not run by the Practice. Some are based in our premises on Hawstead Road.


Family Planning, Sexual Health and Contraception Clinics

This service can be found on the first floor of Rushey Green Group Practice. It offers Confidential and Free advice to men and women including under 16's.


The clinic is open:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 2pm to 7pm

Friday 2pm to 5pm

You can contact the clinic reception desk on 020 7138 1700  within the opening times for more information, or just walk in. For all clinics please attend 1 hour before the closing time.

Please be aware clinic may close before advertised time if they are busy.


Phlebotomy - Blood Taking Services


This service is also on the first floor at Rushey Green Group Practice.

Opening Hours are as follows:

Appointment Only: Monday - Friday 7.30 - 8.30am

Walk In: Monday - Friday 8.30 - 12.00 noon


If you require a Fasting Test you must stop eating or drinking anything but plain water for 8 hours (Glucose Tests) or 12 hours (Lipid Tests) prior to having your blood taken. If you do not require a fasting test we suggest that you book an afternoon appointment to avoid queues.

To book an appointment or for any queries call the following number between 9.00am and 5.00pm: 020 3049 2286.

Upon arrival at walk in clinics, take a number from the dispenser on the wall, then take a seat and wait for your number to be called. This service has no reception desk. Children are seen first as a priority.


Rushey Green Pharmacy


Rushey Green Pharmacy Website

The Rushey Green Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy based within the practice premises. They provide Late Night Services and are open 7 days per week.

The pharmacy is open:

Monday - Friday 8.30am to 9pm,

Saturday from 9am - 11am and 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Sundays from 5.30pm - 8.30pm.

The pharmacy can be contacted on: 020 7138 1790 during opening hours.

Fax 02071381791


The pharmacy also operates a repeat prescription Collection and Delivery Scheme and is also a participant in the Lewisham Minor Ailment Scheme.


Rushey Green Time Bank


The Rushey Green Time Bank Website

The Time Bank Office can be found in room 20 on the first floor of Rushey Green Group Practice.


The vision of Rushey Green Time Bank is to achieve a cohesive community in the Rushey Green area, where neighbours know neighbours and can rely on each other for help and support. They wish to empower the residents of Catford (including but not exclusively the patients of the Rushey Green Group Practice) to improve their own health and sense of well-being, and thus improve the health of the Catford community as a whole.


Time Banking is a community development tool and works by facilitating the exchange of skills and experience within a community. Time Banking values everyone's time as equal, 1 hour equals 1 hour, or 1 credit. For every hour you spend helping someone in your community you are entitled to an hour of help in return. All manner of skills are recognised from walking with someone to baking a cake.


To get in touch with Time Bank call on 020 7138 1785 or email on: